These are the services for the ONID command. See ADC-Ext for the ONID specification.

Version history

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Version 1.0.0

Fredrik Ullner <[email protected]>

  • Initial release

Version 1.0.1, UNRELEASED

  • Added TrackMania

  • Updated LoL regions


The service names are all case-insensitive. They are written here as lower-case.


Service name: dcbase

Required parameters:

ID The DCBase forum member numeric identifier.


Service name: facebook

Required parameters:

ID The public Facebook ID (that appears in a profile page's URL).

Optional parameters:

NI The friendly name.


Service name: google

Required parameters:

EM The Google e-mail.

League of Legends

Service name: lol

Required parameters:

SU The League of Legends summoner name.
SE The server identifier.

The server identifier may be one of the following:

Identifier Description
br Brazil
eune EU Nordic and East
euw EU West
kr Korea
lan Latin America North
las Latin America South
na North America
oce Oceania
tr Turkey
ru Russia

Microsoft Live

Service name: mslive

Required parameters:

EM The Microsoft Live e-mail.

Playstation Network

Service name: psn

Required parameters:

ID The Playstation Network ID


Service name: twitter

Required parameters:

ID The Twitter profile ID (that appears in a profile page's URL).

Optional parameters:

NI The nick name.


Service name: yahoo

Required parameters:

EM The Yahoo! e-mail.


Service name: trackmania

Required parameters:

NI The TrackMania nick name.